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Improve patient outcomes and reduce cost with Patient Hub®

​Transform patient interactions

Giving patients choice, providing an 'always on' service while maximising resources and reducing your costs is a goal we share.

Streamlining and automating processes that currently take up a great deal of time and effort from your staff makes sense. It makes a huge difference to both staff and patient experience.

Offer seamless patient experience

Provide an 'always on' portal to handle appointment confirmations, re-bookings and cancellations. Offer details such as appointment information, directions and appointment reminders. Patient Hub allows clinical staff and patients to have secure two-way communications and enables the sharing and completion of a variety of documents. And all this in one secure place.

Security is a key principle when it comes to all our solutions. Patient Hub is no different. Visit our security and compliance page to find out more or download our eGuide for a high-level overview of the key security features and how it will support governance within your hospital.

When is the on-going battle of wasted NHS money
due to missed appointments going to end?

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Manage your appointment process

Send out timely reminders to patients through their preferred channel and improve your appointment attendance rates. Appointment Management Cycle significantly reduce did not attends (DNAs). Reutilise newly available appointments to other patients. Reduce waiting times and save the hospital’s valuable resources.

Handle multichannel interactions

Blend inbound patient contact, including email, voice and web chat into a universal queue. Liberty ContactCentre ensures the appropriately skilled advisor processes patient enquiries. Customisable rules ensure queue times are controlled and call backs are initiated to reduce waiting times.

University Hospital of North Staffordshire save an estimated £1m per year

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Frontdesk operator services

Efficiently utilise your operators’ time. Liberty Operator Suite automatically route callers to the correct person or department. Reduce waiting times and free staff for more complex tasks. Realise higher patient satisfaction through reduced queue times and less frustration. Save staff time and boost performance.

Award winning solutions

We’ve worked in partnership with healthcare providers for over 20 years. Their feedback allows us to develop award winning solutions tailored to you.

So whether you are looking to put digital first, reduce did not attends (DNAs), manage peak traffic or automate your self-service options for a truly seamless patient experience, we have the solution for you.

Driving positive digital change in the NHS
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