“The implementation process from start to finish
has been absolutely amazing.”

Download Interflora's full case study

Interflora's challenge

Like many busy contact centres, Interflora's inbound call operations experience fluctuating peaks and troughs in call volumes. Over a number of years, we've helped Interflora to transform their customer engagement. From introducing automated call backs to taking payments over the phone and improving resourcing of the contact centre.

Project outcomes

  • Reduced caller abandon rates
  • Increased agent productivity and morale
  • Increased up-sell time and order values
  • Better use of resources
  • Reduced staff turnover
  • Ability to handle peaks in call volumes.

“Introducing QMax has meant the call centre can run on fewer staff.”

Download Interflora's full case study

Workforce management solution

Scheduling shifts to accommodate fluctuating call volumes was a careful balance. Predicting staff numbers while maintaining the flexible working environment that was important to so many of their part-time staff was a challenge. QMax integrates seamlessly with Interflora’s existing ACD, boosting operations without the need to employ additional staff.

Automated call back solution

During peak times of year, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, Interflora experience increased call volumes. Longer queue times led to higher call abandonment. Netcall’s QueueBuster offers Interflora customers the option to request a call back when an agent becomes available.

“Netcall’s Payments solution now handles 86% of transferred payment transactions over the telephone.”

Download Interflora's full case study

Automated payments solution

Keen to increase the number of calls taken by live agents, Interflora introduced a self-service automated payments tool. This frees live agents to handle more complex calls and add value to customers. Netcall’s Automated Payments solution supplements the work of more than 50 live agents for 11 automation agents.

The result

Interflora's contact centre now operates without always having to employ more staff. There's greater capacity to take orders and flex up or down as required. Customers have a 24/7 reliable and secure payment service. For customers calling out-of-business hours can now request a call back.

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