Eurotunnel contact centre stays on track
with reserve working using QMax

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The challenge

The Eurotunnel contact centre offers 24x7 multi-lingual services. These include travel news, information, passenger updates and general enquiries from travellers and tour operators. Their agents are multi-skilled to fulfil a number of roles and shifts needed to be matched efficiently to the interactions in order to meet call demands.

Project outcomes

  • Forecast demand within 5% accuracy
  • Flexibility to allow agents to cover a range of different roles
  • An optimised set of shift patterns for available agents to meet demand.

QMax - The UK’s trusted and proven workforce management solution

Watch the QMax video

The solution

QMax schedules staff to ensure the agents with the right skills are available at the right time. The flexibility of QMax allows the system to be tailored to the correct training and skills including multiple language requirements.

The result

More accurate call demand forecasting and agent availability allows Eurotunnel to produce optimised shift patterns to meet demand. The planning team also use QMax to match hours available against forecast call demand to produce reserve working schedules.

“As one of Netcall’s longest running customers we have benefited from excellent service from all the people we have met at the company...They instinctively speak our language and have involved us in the development of the software".

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